Travel Tip Tuesday – travel insurance for winter months

Travel Tip Tuesday – travel insurance for winter months

Queen Mary after snow storm in New York

Our tip this week is get travel insurance. It’s called insurance for a reason. And guess what, sometimes things will not work out perfectly and you’ll find yourself having an unfortunate travel experience. If you are cruising, don’t think you only need trip insurance you need is during hurricane season. There are several reasons why you want travel insurance, especially in the winter.  Just a couple weeks ago, many people around the country were stranded as subzero temperatures caused airport closures, delays and more. Not to mention, did you know the airlines sometimes lose luggage? Yep, it happens, lol! We could share story after story where trip insurance has or would have helped ease the pain of travel disruptions and challenges.

There are options when selecting your trip insurance. If you don’t frequently travel, you can purchase trip insurance specific to your vacation. These types of policies range from the essential coverage like trip cancellation or trip interruption to added coverage such as lost/damaged luggage, and comprehensive coverage including emergency medical and dental. Ask you travel agent to quote the different options.  Trip insurance is based on the dollar value of your trip so it will vary depending upon total cost of your cruise vacation.

For the frequent traveler and business traveler, there are also annual plans. These can include business equipment coverage and change fee coverage in addition to the basics. And the reasons for trip cancellation and interruption include situations such as employer termination, company merger or acquisition just to mention a couple.

Keep in mind that trip insurance must be purchased, in most cases, before the final payment on your vacation is made. We recommend you purchase it at the time you purchase your trip. Come insurance companies offer a 10 day guarantee so you can make sure you are satisfied with your coverage. Trip insurance is optional. Don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance or personal liability insurance provides all the coverage you may need on your vacation. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a quote and make sure you are covered.

Your vacation should help relieve stress and trip insurance is a great way to help you stay stress free when something unexpected may happen.  If you are interested in getting a quote or learning more, give us a call.

Happy traveling!