Cruise Ship turns into Bud Light Hotel for Super Bowl XLVIII

Cruise Ship turns into Bud Light Hotel for Super Bowl XLVIII

2014 Bud Light Hotel Big 2

Brilliant Norwegian Cruise Lines! When it was announced in November of last year that Norwegian’s newest cruise ship, the Getaway, would make a stop over in New York for the Super Bowl we couldn’t help but think what a smart idea. Then they took it a step further and partnered with Anheuser-Busch to make it the Bud Light Hotel for Super Bowl XLVIII. Here are some of the top reasons we agree this is a brilliant idea:

  • Creates awareness for the Getaway and all it has to offer. Those who stay on this ship will now be able to tell their friends all about the cool features on board — and there are a lot. There is also a fun media buzz about how Bud Light has the largest hotel. Again, this just creates more awareness for both Norwegian’s newest ship and Bud Light.
  • Avoid the crowds and still dine in style.  Imagine being in New York with a gazillion people, all fighting over where to eat or grab a drink. Good luck getting into a restaurant without a crazy wait. If you are staying at the Bud Light Hotel, they offer 28 dining options right on board. You could even avoid having to go out in the cold, crowded New York streets and be able to enjoy an amazing steak, have fun at the Teppanyaki dining experience, taste the savory seafood dishes by Geoffrey Zakarian, enjoy a Brazillian dinner, the list goes on and on. Plus, you have several bars on board to enjoy a nice night cap and of course a ice cold Bud Light beverage.
  • Bud Light can really “own” the venue. Bud Light is basically chartering the ship (even though it won’t leave port) so they can customize much of the ship to reflect their brand. And when done right, it will clearly feel like it is a Bud Light ship. This may also give other companies a glimpse into what they could do should they ever decide to charter a cruise ship. (Which is a great idea by the way for large business events, concerts and fan events at sea). Plus, we are confident the Bud Light Hotel will be sure to cater to the sports fans and have the ship rockin’ with some great parties. We also heard that the Bud Light Hotel has their own app for the ship this weekend so you will know everything going on aboard as well as help you get around NYC.
  • Location, location, location.  We’ve sailed out of a the port where the Bud Light Hotel will be docked. It is close to Times Square where all the Super Bowl action will be taking place and also close to getting across the river to the stadium should you be so lucky to have a ticket to the game. Plus, Bud Light has set up their concert venue and party deck right at the pier as well.

The only thing we don’t like about this concept is we don’t have a stateroom booked at the Bud Light Hotel this weekend for the big game. (Bud Light Hotel, if one opens up, give us a call!) And if you are one of the lucky ones, send us some of your favorite pics of the transformation of the ship, we’d love to see them and share! Here are some of the renderings you can check out.

Have a super, SUPER BOWL weekend everyone.  And congrats to Bud Light and Norwegian Cruise Lines on putting together an amazing Super Bowl experience for the fans.

Go Broncos!! 🙂