Cruise ship passengers say the craziest things

Cruise ship passengers say the craziest things

закладка фена спб These are REAL quotes from cruise ship passengers. Totally worth the read. Enjoy!


моментальный магазин “Do these stairs go up or down?”

метадон закладками спб “I don’t understand why my stateroom steward keeps leaving packets of butter on my pillow.”

go site “I’ve been trapped in my cabin for over an hour now. My cabin only has two doors. One is to the bathroom, and the other says do not disturb.” – Lady who called the purser’s desk

купить экстази амфетамин гашиш “Can we use U.S. dollars in Alaska?”

купить героин в закладках While in the photo gallery: “How do we find our pictures if our names aren’t on them?” And here’s a favorite. Two ladies standing near the pool asked a crew member, “Is that sea water that you put in the pools?” The crew member said yes. Then one lady turned to the other and said, “See, that is why there are so many waves in the pool.”

follow Thank to Jay Herring author of The Truth About Cruise Ships for sharing these awesome quotes in your book.

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