Travel smart with the latest in luggage improvements

Travel smart with the latest in luggage improvements

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купить амфетамин россия With the increase in people moving from checked bags to carry on bags to save on baggage fees, those overhead bins can fill up quickly. Smart luggage companies are taking note and have started modifying the carry on size to allow you to not only pack more, but also make it much easier to fit your bag in the overhead compartment. Even on the smaller planes where one side of the overhead bin isn’t as deep.  The same applies to international flights and their overhead.

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get link We personally recommend both Victorinox and Briggs & Riley brand luggage for not only their innovation, but also the incredible warranty each offer.  Watch this video to see how stepping up your luggage to this new size could help you save money next time you travel (as well as Rob’s favorite Victorinox luggage feature). Comment below on your favorite luggage or carry on tip.

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