3 Ways to Save Hundreds On Your Cruise BEFORE you board

3 Ways to Save Hundreds On Your Cruise BEFORE you board

You’ve selected your cruise, it’s all paid for and you are ready to set sail. Before you set sail, did you know you can do a few simple things that will save you money on your cruise? While these may seem obvious, most people either aren’t aware of these tips or they haven’t thought about them until it is too late.  Don’t let that be you.  Everyone likes to save money right?  So here they are.

MONEY SAVING TIP #1:  Bring your own wine. Most cruise lines will allow you one bottle of wine, or one bottle of champagne per adult traveling. Some cruise lines will charge you a corkage fee and some won’t and some even allow multiple bottles.  Even the all-inclusives vary by policies on what you can bring onboard while in various port stops and consume on the ship. Check with the individual policies of the cruise line you are traveling or ask your travel agent.

MONEY SAVING TIP #2:   Get a ride to your cruise or flight.  Most of the time you are going to be traveling to the airport or the cruise port itself. Have a friend or family member drop you off and pick you up. This is going to save you $50 – well over $100 in some cases depending upon the length of your cruise.  And while yes, this may seem pretty obvious, many people forget or don’t plan ahead so at the last minute they end up driving themselves and paying premium parking prices. You can save a lot with some planning and good friends.

MONEY SAVING TIP #3:  Vacuum seal your perishable food in your home fridge. This is one we haven’t really heard anyone talk about, but it’s a big one. Whether it is a three, five, or seven plus day trip, food can go bad.  Every single time we would come home from a cruise, we would end up throwing away a bunch of food that had spoiled in our fridge. (Not to mention the knock you over smell). We would then end up tossing out food.  Over the course of a year this can add up to hundreds of dollars.  Again, it is something that can be avoided with a little bit of prep time.  We personally recommend the FOOD SAVER. This product makes it easy to vacuum seal the food we want to keep and extend its freshness.  The result when you get back home will be a fresh fridge with no smell and food you can still eat.

There you have it. Try out one, two or all three the next time you take a cruise.  What is your cruise money saving tip?  Share in the comments below.