Travel Tuesday – Priceless Memories

Travel Tuesday – Priceless Memories


There is an old saying that goes “Travel – you can always make money, you can’t always make memories.”

One of the reasons we have become such huge cruise and vacation advocates is for this very reason. A highly profiled financial advisor once argued that if you have money and were going to choose between buying a new car or taking a trip, it would be smarter to take the money and use it to go on a trip. A surprising answer from a financial advisor. In the end, he argued that while the car would provide day to day utility, its value and the mental emotion of having a new car would slowly fade away as just another “thing” you need. The investment of your money wouldn’t mean much. In contrast, a trip would create memories that would be priceless and something to cherish the rest of your life. We agree 100%.

Making Memories in the Viking Crown Lounge - white russians and a view June 2012
Making Memories in the Viking Crown Lounge – white russians and a view June 2012

There is something very special about a cruise vacation. And it’s more than being on an amazing ship, having incredible food options, great drinks, fun activities, high quality entertainment and seeing beautiful sites. It’s the lasting memories made at sea and in ports. It’s the “uninterrupted time” spent with your friends and loved ones (i.e. no cell phones or checking email or feeling the pull from the office). It’s the “first experiences” of seeing new sights and traveling to new parts of the world with the people you love. If you travel for business, after a while, those business trips just meld together, right? But when you cruise, even if it is for a business event, for some reason, life on a cruise ship provides a more memorable experience. It’s relaxing, everyone around you is happy, and people are welcome to making new friends and sharing their experiences.

It doesn’t matter WHO we meet, the minute they find out we are in the cruise business, without skipping a beat they launch into their experience going on a cruise. Everyone who has cruised has a cruise story. It’s something that sticks with you. Even young travelers remember their first cruises, how they felt and some of the friendships they made. Five years later we still stay in touch with friends we made on our honeymoon cruise.

A fellow cruise fan recently posted a photo on Facebook of her and her daughter all dressed up for the formal night on their cruise. The comment she made was “This was my daughter’s first and only cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with me. She passed in 2004 of a heart attack at the age of 30 but I have great memories of our cruise.” Nothing can replace the quality time and memories she created on that cruise with her daughter. And I’m sure she is so grateful she took the trip when her when she did. This is one of thousands of unforgettable experiences and memories from a cruise. It’s great to have happy memories like the one she shared, and others like the couple who was engaged at the base of a waterfall in Alaska in the rain, a family reunion at sea where everyone got along and had a good time, the company incentive trip where top sales people were able to spend time at the pool picking the brains of their company’s leadership, and the child seeing a stingray for the first time and getting to pet it.

We have many memories of cruising, from our first cruise, which was a business trip video taping an incentive trip, to our wedding on a ship, our honeymoon, our anniversary and pretty much every vacation after that. There isn’t a cruise we’ve been on (and there have been many) that we don’t have a lasting memory—or the photos to prove it. Experiences are something money can’t buy. And a cruise just magnifies those experiences.

Take time today to plan your next cruise and get ready to make new memories.

What are some of your funny, romantic, unique cruise experiences? Share with us in the comments below.