30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 1, AIDA Cruises

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 1, AIDA Cruises

We WISH we could say we were going to physically be on 30 cruise lines in 30 days, but that wouldn’t be physically possible. And frankly, spending just one day on a cruise ship is such a tease and sheer torture. When asked how many cruise lines there are most people will respond between five and eight.  There are actually over 30 cruise lines in the world.  They all have something amazing to offer to anyone who wants to travel the world through the eyes of a cruise ship.  So for the next 30 days, we are going to share with you a different cruise line each day.  We have personally only been on one-third of the cruise lines we will feature.  But after learning about the others, we DEFINITELY can’t wait to say we’ve been on all 30.  We hope you enjoy our 30 days – 30 cruise lines feature.



AidaAIDA Cruises has the ability to immediately put a smile on your face. Just look at the adorable ship design on the hull with the big lips and eyes.  If you are young, adventurous, like a casual vacation and speak German, this would be a fun cruise line to sail.

So who exactly is the cruise line? We first heard about AIDA Cruises when reading that they had added Port Tampa Bay to their itinerary.  Not knowing anything about this cruise line, other than it was mostly German, we decided to check into it. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • AIDA Cruises is the largest cruise line in Germany with history going back as far as the 60s (it’s a long story that involves several owners and led up to the first brand new ship being added in 1994).
  • By 1999 they had added two more new ships.
  • By 2006, they had passed the 1,000,000 guests mark (way to go!) and just three years later they double that number!
  • They have 11 ships and in 2015 will offer 115 different routes hitting 182 ports.
  • AIDA caters to the German speaking market and are known for their youthful style and casual service.
  • You will find their ships in Northern Europe, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and New York (they even hit Greenland and Newfoundland on the way).
  • Their newest ship, AIDAprima, will start sailing in October 2015 and will hold around 3,300 passengers.  The ship is currently being put together over in Japan.
  • AIDA Cruises is owned and operated by Carnival Group.

Since we don’t speak or read German, it was a little challenging to get some input from people who have cruised on an AIDA ship.  From photos however, we can tell that the young German market certainly finds that AIDA Cruises delivers on fun and great destinations.

What cruise line are you most interested in hearing about during our 30 day feature? Do you have a favorite? Share in the comments below.

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