30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 3, American Cruise Lines

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 3, American Cruise Lines


Day 3: American Cruise Lines

american-cruise-lines'-american-starCruising the rivers doesn’t just happen in Europe. American Cruise Lines can be found in the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi River and all along the East Coast. They hit a range of destinations from cosmopolitan cities to remote islands nestled along the shore.

Ease, comfort, relaxation and highly personalized service are part of the American Cruise Lines experience. You will most likely find guests on these ships who are affluent and very well educated and enjoy culturally and historically enriching experiences. While American Cruise Lines has been in business for 30 years, their fleet is actually very young, with ships being built in 2002 – 2012. For those who may not want to travel to Europe or go on a large ocean going ship, this cruise line offers a nice alternative vacation on the water. And when you look at the itineraries, you will be blown away at the really cool places their ships can go. Here are just a few examples.

ACL Maps

A handful of facts about American Cruise Lines:

  • 35 cruise itineraries to 28 states
  • Their staterooms are the most spacious in small ship cruising – all over 220 square feet. Some have large picture windows and others verandah.
  • There are no more than 150 passengers on board each ship
  • The crew is all-American
  • While you will enjoy some amazing food, it was interesting to learn that this cruise line offers an option of half portions (how smart is that!) It is also a very popular comment guests make about the cruise.

queenofthewestx-largeThey have some really fun theme cruises as well such as the Lewis and Clark Cruise, Columbia River Wine Cruise, New England Lobster Cruise, and Civil War Cruise.

Don’t be surprised when you cruise on an American Cruise Line ship to find the crowd leans more on the older side. (ie. 70+). As a result, it may be a little slower paced so pack some patience. And keep in mind that shore excursions aren’t always automatically included in your cruise fare, so plan on additional fees when budgeting for this cruise vacation. But again, it is a cruise for those with a nice budget.

Have you sailed on American Cruise Lines? What has been your experience? And if not, what would get you excited to cruise on ACL?  Share in the comments below.