30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 8, Celebrity Cruises

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 8, Celebrity Cruises

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Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Solstice

go to link Today we get to know a little about Celebrity Cruises. If you are someone who likes the big ship feel but are looking for something a little more upscale than the standard mass market ships, Celebrity Cruises could be a great fit for you. Let’s first clear up what the big X in their logo stands for. We’ve heard various explanations such as “crossing” the seas, search lights and a few other odd ones. The X is actually representative of third letter in the Greek alphabet, the Greek “chi” (or “CH” in English) for Chandris who was the founding family of Celebrity Cruises. The Chandris brothers in 1987 were watching the cruise line industry grow. They wanted to offer an option that was newer, larger, had more of a focus on food and service as one would find in Europe. The result was Celebrity Cruises which definitely lives up to its premium class brand. And yet, cruisers can experience Celebrity at a modest price. Overall, you will feel like there are more crew members, the place settings at each meal are nicer the shops are more upscale and the feeling is nice, relaxed and overall best described as classy. Celebrity is now owned by Royal Caribbean International (since 1998), yet some passengers who frequent Celebrity say the ships and experiences are very different from each other. Here are a few more facts:

  • dish-020414-top-chef-at-sea_0They currently have 11 ships in the fleet and each ship carries between 2000 and 3,000 guests with a couple exceptions.
  • You will find Top Chef at Sea which is a partnership with Bravo and the television show. This is a fun addition to some sailings and well received by foodies.
  • On many of their sailings in addition to shops, you will find special trunk shows that are often related to a part of the world you are visiting.
  • Another really cool and unique store is the Innovations Store aboard three of their ships. This is basically an Apple store at sea. They even have Apple trained employees. Can you say DUTY FREE computer purchase.

source Celebrity is constantly being showered with a variety of awards from industry professionals, frequent cruises and travel journalists. If you are looking for a premium cruise ship experience to a variety of destinations around the world, Celebrity would be a nice fit. Please share your favorite cruise memory while sailing on Celebrity in the comments below.