30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 11, Cunard

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 11, Cunard

Cunard World Cruises.jpgDay 11:  Cunard

Most people have heard of the beautiful luxury ship Queen Mary 2.  Majestic, romantic, and classic are three words that come to mind when we think about Cunard.  Cunard is primarily known for its popular transatlantic cruises between Southampton and New York. In fact, last year in July, the Queen Mary 2 sailed on her 200th transatlantic crossing.  That’s pretty cool. (here’s a video about it)

Cunard starboardFun facts about Cunard:

  • Their fleet consists of three ships: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria
  • Cunard brings 172 years of maritime heritage to the youngest fleet at sea
  • Their ship, Queen Mary 2, has a kennel program onboard for its transatlantic crossings, and traveling pets get a gift bag (how cute).
  • In addition to the popular transatlantic crossing, Cunard also offers world voyages as well as multiple departure ports in Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Guests aboard Cunard not only get pampered in luxury, but they also can enjoy amazing libraries, world class spas, an afternoon tea and many enrichment programs.
  • If you sail with Cunard, pack your dress up clothes.  Not only will you experience themed balls, but there will be black tie dinners and generally guest dress up more.
  • You will find well-traveled guests with a flavor for nice things.

If you’re thinking about heading to England for an extended vacation, why not choose to arrive or depart on an amazing Cunard ship and enjoy getting there as much as being there?

Given the choice to fly or travel by ship to England, what would you choose and why? Share in the comments below.