30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 13, Holland America Line

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 13, Holland America Line

HAL_rkDay 13: Holland America Line

Ship.HAL.OosterdamWe have an affinity toward Holland America because it was our very first cruise line we experienced.  We had just stepped off the transfer bus in Seattle at the cruise port.  We both looked up and were blown away at the rows and rows of balconies. “Did this thing really float?” was one thought that crossed our minds. We couldn’t believe were about to go on this amazing ship.  The ship we went on was Holland America’s ms Oosterdam.  Since then, when we see the various Holland America ships throughout our travels, we continued to be impressed at the consistency of this brand across its entire fleet. It is as their tagline says, A Signature of Excellence.

Holland-Amerika_Lijn_1898Holland America was actually a Dutch shipping line, a passenger line, a cargo line and a cruise line between the Netherlands and North America from 1873 to 1989. That’s quiet a history.  A huge part of their legacy was bringing hundreds of thousands of immigrants to North America.  Pretty neat.  So what else is there to know about Holland America?

  • They are recognized as the undisputed leader in the premium cruise line category, with their over 130 years of experience.
  • Their ships are very elegant in feel and quite spacious when compared with other cruise lines.
  • Their current fleet includes 15 ships with four classes. A new class is scheduled for release in 2016
  • They are the only cruise line to offer itineraries on all seven continents with cruises ranging from 7-21 nights.
  • They are the leader in Alaskan cruises and have many options to add on a land portion to your Alaskan cruise as well.

When it comes to dining, Holland America has a unique approach to how they develop their menus.  They created a Culinary Council which brings together six top chefs from around the world who work together to develop signature dishes unique to Holland America.  They cater as well to individuals who have time to take longer cruises and as a result offer a variety of onboard activities including digital workshops, culinary arts program presented by Food & Wine magazine and of course a greenhouse spa and show fun shows to name a few.

The guests aboard Holland America are generally a little older and you won’t see too many children.  Their ships are mid-size ships (1,200-2,000).  So, if you aren’t interested in a large number of passengers onboard, you should definitely check out the cruise options Holland America offers.

What was your first cruise line and ship? Share in the comment below. And have a Happy Friday everyone!