30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 27, Tauck River Cruising

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 27, Tauck River Cruising

River CruisesDay 27: Tauck River Cruising

It’s been a while since we highlighted a river cruise line in our 30 days feature. (We are doing this alphabetically in case you are following along). So we’d like to first point out that river cruise names are either at the beginning of the alphabet or at the end. Who knew.

Tauck-BlueDanubeSo, who is Tauck? (pronounced t-ow-k NOT talk). Tauck is a touring company out of Conneticut. In recent years, they expanded and started a river cruise line, Tauck River Cruising.  We feel it is a good fit because they are first a touring company, and when you go on a river cruise, you definitely will want to do tours as you spend nearly 90% of your time on land.

Tauck River Cruising features:

  • All-inclusive (onshore and offshore dining, alcohol beverages, gratuities, pre-post hotel, transfers and shore excursions).
  • Three cruise directors per cruise – this is really unique and ensures that each guest gets lots of personal attention.
  • They have two classes of ships and each have just 115-130 guests per ship, much lower number than other river cruise lines.
  • They offer unique onshore excursions including an exclusive dining experience off the ship to experience local history and cuisine.

Ship_LearnMore_BikesTauck River Cruising offers some really nice itineraries to choose from. Their ships are beautiful. They recently christened their newest addition to the fleet ms INSPIRE.  This brings their total fleet to seven.  We can expect to continue seeing Tauck bring their touring influence to the river cruising industry.

What river would you like to experience through the eyes of Tauck?  Share in the comments below.