30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 30, Windstar Cruises

30 Days – 30 Cruise Lines: Day 30, Windstar Cruises

windstar logoDay 30: Windstar Cruises

001-windstarWhat better way to end our 30 days – 30 Cruise Lines feature with the only masted luxury cruise line on our list, Windstar Cruises.  Just look at this super impressive looking ship. Windstar is comprised of a fleet of four yachts (plus two coming in 2015). They have two classes as well, basically three with the large sails and three small ocean going ships. They have come by some of their ships through some shuffling around from other cruise lines.  Such as the Star Pride was formerly the Seabourn Pride with the Seabourn cruise line.

Windstar offers a luxury yacht experience. And the ships with their sails can’t be missed. They have a casual environment that is very American. Here are a few highlights from their fleet that we found of interest.

  • Masted sailing ships — they offer three of these ships. It is a unique way to travel.
  • High crew to passenger ratio – this adds to the overall service experience while you vacation.
  • On the mast ships, they offer all suites with an ocean view, but there are a limited number of balconies. Of course the best place for views would be on top under the sails on the beautiful teak deck. Their other three yachts offer all suit accommodates with primarily balcony staterooms.
  • In 2013, they made some updates to the fleet. Part of the update was to offer food options that were in line with the regions being visited, such as Mediterranean cuisine or Costa Rica inspired dishes.
  • And we can’t leave off the cool water sports platform for water activities, of which they are complimentary, you will find on the fleet.

ONBOARD-VoyageIncludesWindstar Cruises is perfect for someone in the luxury market who wants to sail on a smaller vessel. Their ships are not about things like onboard entertainment, but more the experience of sailing to destinations and enjoying great service, fine food and drink and seeing amazing places.




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