Cruising during a Hurricane – do’s and do not’s

Cruising during a Hurricane – do’s and do not’s

Arthur-map-story-topWelcome to hurricane season — well, it technically started June 1.  As of yesterday, we have the first named storm of the year out in the Atlantic.  As a result, there is a lot of chatter online from #CruiseFans online about #HurricaneArthur.  Everyone knows no one can predict the weather. This is true for any vacation anywhere in the world.  The benefit of a hurricane is that there is generally a heads up on the path. This is good for cruise vacations because the cruise lines can follow the path of the storm and do everything they can to keep their guests safe.  So what happens if you are booked to cruise during a storm (or really stormy seas):

1.  TRIP INSURANCE – we strongly recommend trip insurance.  You need to make sure this is purchased BEFORE a storm is named.  It is recommended you purchase before your final payment. Check with your travel agent for details.  And when you do book trip insurance, be sure to include your ENTIRE trip costs, not just the cruise portion.

2. THE OCEAN IS BIG – The captain will do everything they can to move the ship around a storm. You may run into some rough seas depending upon the size of the storm and sometimes a port may be skipped.  But the ocean is large and there is more than one route to get to the various destinations in most cases.  We’ve actually cruised in the Western Caribbean when there was a hurricane forming in the Eastern Caribbean.  We had very calm seas. One storm doesn’t affect every cruise.

3. EAT SMART – If you do find yourself in less than smooth seas because of the affects of a storm, be prepared if you tend to get sea sick.  We learned a couple tips from a crew member that have served us well:

  • Don’t eat or drink anything acidic, such as orange juice, grapefruit juice.  The acid affects your stomach.
  • Always keep something in your stomach. Don’t stop eating. Have an apple, crackers. This helps!  Not sure why, it just works.
  • Head up to get air and then look at the horizon line. You may feel like just lying down and not moving (understandable). However, the fresh air AND just focusing on the horizon helps level things out in your brain.
  • Pack some over-the-counter help such as Dramamine. Or you can get a patch, the bands, etc.
  • Don’t over drink — or completely OVER DRINK and you won’t know what’s up. lol. Actually the latter will catch up to you.

4. PHOTOS – and if you do find yourself in some crazy seas, take photos and videos. People in your social networks will love seeing them… and you’ll show an adventurous side and have some great stories to last a lifetime.

Safe travels everyone!  Share this with a friend who may be getting ready to cruise this week.