All Inclusive – Good deal or slick marketing

All Inclusive – Good deal or slick marketing

In what appears to be yet another brilliant marketing move, Norwegian Cruise Lines is selling “All Inclusive” packages on a test basis now through August 29, for 2015 cruises lasting 3 – 14 days to nearly all destinations, excluding Hawaii.

Pricing is based on the length of the sailing and start at $459 for a 3 day cruise and topping out at $1449 for a 14 day.

Each All-Inclusive Package add-on comes with:

  • Ultimate Dining Package
  • Ultimate Beverage Package
  • Bottles of water for your vacation
  • Gratuities associates with package and Service Charges
  • Shore excursion credit of $200 per person on 6+ day cruises (or $100 per person on 3-5 day cruises)
  • 250 Minute internet package
  • 10% off cruise fare
  • 1 Bottle of wine
  • Bingo session (3 games)
  • 20 Photos, any size
  • Chocolate covered strawberries

NCL appears to be testing this program much like the majority of cruise lines have been “testing” drink packages over the last few years. Drink packages aren’t going anywhere, and since there is almost no way a cruise line can lose money on this deal, we at All Aboard TV predict the packages are here to stay.

We cover drink packages in our upcoming book Just Add Water, and it’s pretty simple, if you know how much you think you will consume. Just do the math. If you are going to drink 9-10 drinks per day, a pre paid package is a good bargain. But here is what most people don’t realize. On port days, your consumption will drop dramatically compared to sea days.

All inclusive are 2 of the most misunderstood words in the cruise business. Some lines SAY they are all inclusive, but one of the only true all inclusive experiences is Regent Seven Seas.

What do you think about the All-Inclusive offer from Norwegian? Share in the comments below.