Where is the best airfare deal?

Where is the best airfare deal?

Airplane_silhouetteOne of the most frequently asked questions we get is “where can I get the best airfare deals?”  This is an answer that can change from day to day.  You can scour website after website but that is really just a waste of time. There are no “deals” really. The price is what it is.  However, you can be SMARTER about how you do your airfare research.

One of our favorite “comparison” sites to check airfare pricing is a site that was actually one of the Google 20 percent projects – MATRIX AIRFARE SEARCH.  Kuddos to the guys who developed this program.  On this site you can enter your travel info and it will search all the airlines and show you a comparison between nearly all the airlines.  (Well almost all the airlines, Southwest isn’t in the mix).  We like it because you can also enter that your travel dates if you are flexible and it will show you possible cheaper dates to fly. Sometimes you may find it is cheaper to fly in a day or two before or after your original date.

Click here to go to the site. Check it out. Also, please note you don’t BOOK on this site. It is for research purposes only. Read the fine print as well on the booking codes and notes.  We love this site. It has helped us save hundreds of dollars on flights.

Safe travels!