Cruise TV shows – making a comeback ?

Cruise TV shows – making a comeback ?

Norwegian Epic New Year's cruise leaving the Port of Miami

With cruise vacations growing in popularity every year, it’s surprising there are not more TV shows on the industry. Almost every other type of vacation seems to get plenty of air time, but not cruising.

Could be some people still think that cruising is like they portrayed it on The Love Boat back in the 70’s and 80’s. That show certainly put cruise vacations on the map, but about the only thing that is the same since that era are two things. The great places you can visit, and the cool people you can meet. What would be the most surprising things to people who cruised back then.

There have been a few attempts and “docu” style cruise shows on networks like Travel Channel & Discovery. Cruises We Love  did a great job back in 2009-2010. It was pretty close to showing what a cruise was really like. Popular TV host Samantha Brown even filmed a view episodes of her show on cruising, including her very first cruise ever on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas. On that show she cruised the Mediterranean and visited some incredible ports.

Smithsonian Channel had such good success with the cruise episodes of their show Mighty Ships, which featured vessels of every kind including a few cruise segments, they launched a new show Mighty Cruise Ships as a stand alone product.

From a production value, they have done a fantastic job showing the ships itinerary, destinations, and interactions with the cruise line staff. Where they are missing the “boat” so to speak, (yes pun intended) is the real passenger experience. Exploring more of the areas onboard. On every episode there is some “made-up” danger.

“Will the ships be able to make the tight turn into port without hitting another ship? Dangerous waters…extreme weather…”

We get it. Viewers love drama and suspense. But what is the real effect on people that are considering a cruise? Is it really that dangerous?

AATBThumbnailAbsolutely not. It’s one of the safest and most fun ways to travel in the world, and that what we do at All Aboard TV. We show viewers, just like you, the actual experience of what a cruise vacation is really like. Not scripted “drama” but our expert advice and feedback on the ship. Plus we point out things unique to each ship like:

  • What type of cabin to book on this ship?
  • Should you get the drink package?
  • Early or late dining, or specialty restaurants
  • Hidden spots on the ship

You get the idea. And you get this information from expert travel agents & authors that started out just like you, as a cruise newbie.

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