3-1/2 Ways to Stay Organized in Your Cruise Stateroom

3-1/2 Ways to Stay Organized in Your Cruise Stateroom

Unless you’ve booked a suite, when you get to your stateroom, you may quickly discover that you don’t have much room for storage. What often happen is you fill the closets and drawers, then start using the counter and desk space for smaller items.  Pretty soon your room fills cluttered and you can’t find anything. And clutter isn’t going to help you relax right? We’ve learned several clever organization ideas from other cruise fans. Below are a few that we thought were pretty great and worthy of sharing.

Linen Closet Door Organizer1.  Use an “over the door” shoe organizer.  

This is a clever item to pack and use for something other than shoes. You can put a variety of items in the pockets from bathroom products to a place to keep your carry around items like travel mugs, lanyard, medicine, and poker chips.




necklaces12. Tie rack for jewelry

A tie rack is a great item to use for hanging your necklaces and other accessories. That way, they don’t get all mixed up and tangled like they do when you just place them in a drawer or on a counter.




 20096181045243. Magnets/Magnetic hooks

You may not realize it, but your stateroom door and some walls in your cabin are metal. You can easily use magnets to post things on your wall like the daily program or notes for your cabin steward. Or you can bring along some magnetic hooks for an additional place to hang a towel, jacket or handbag.


DSC_0001½ – Use your luggage as extra drawers.

Your luggage will fit under your bed. You can use them as additional drawers. It’s simple to access and a good use of empty luggage.  It’s a “half way” idea to stay organized as it would be easy to start tossing things into the bag and then it becomes very unorganized.


________ What do you do to keep your stateroom organized when you are on a cruise? Share your tips in the comments below.