Hvar Croatia – Playground to the Rich

Hvar Croatia – Playground to the Rich

It’s hard to believe that it’s only our second day because it feels like we have already done so much, and we have.

As we soon learned, anytime the Royal Clipper sails in to or out of port, she creates quite the scene.  Boaters from miles around sail and motor by to admire the largest square rigger in the world. Being onboard makes you feel like a movie star surrounded by paparazzi.  Except in this case, Royal Clipper is the A-list star.

Hvar Croatia, known as the playground to the rich, is a port only frequented by smaller ships.  The larger ships go to nearby Split.

Hvar ShotPictures hardly do justice to this beautiful town.  Million dollar mega yachts lined the dock, and as soon we stepped off the tender, there were plenty of nice open air restaurants.  It definitely felt less “touristy” than Rovinj.  Instead of doing an excursion we chose to explore on our own, and walked to the City Fortress built in the 16th century. Just go past the line of restaurants, right across the town square and take your first left up the long staircase.  At the top you will walk through a gate, and then along a switchback that is long, but so worth the effort. The views of the bay were better than you can imagine.  So forget imagining and take a look at this picture.

After the walk down, we enjoyed a nice lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  They do not take Euros or credit cards here, so make sure you have Kunas, which is the local currency.

BowSpritBack to the ship, and a swim off the marina platform into incredibly clear blue water.  After the raising of the sails, it was time to enjoy the views from the bowsprit.  This is something you can’t miss when sailing on any of the Star Clippers fleet.  Hanging out over the water on a net from the front of the ship gives you a very unique perspective. It was a great place to be as we sailed away and watched the sunset.

Tomorrow we head to Dubrovnik.