Deal 7: Fathom Cruise to Cuba from $1800 per person

Deal 7: Fathom Cruise to Cuba from $1800 per person

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fathom-lockup-horizontal-outline-blue-TM DEAL #7: Fathom Cruise to Cuba starting at $1800 per person plus onboard credit

Cuba is one of the hottest topics in travel. And starting May 1, 2016 you can cruise to Cuba with Carnival Corporation’s newest brand – Fathom™. Fathom is about immersing yourself in the Cuban culture. We love this concept. You will have the opportunity to interact with the artists, musicians, business owners and families who make up Cuban society.

music-500x325This 7 night cruise includes three stops in Cuban port cities Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Enjoy the sights, the sounds, tastes and rhythms of everyday life and relax knowing that virtually all the costs, including meals, lodging, and daytime shore excursions, are already planned for you and covered in the price of your Fathom journey.

Prices start from $1800 per person (select sailings) plus if you book now, you will also receive an onboard credit starting at $100 and increases depending on cabin category.  If you are looking for an educational experience and want to be among the first in the US to sail to Cuba, now is the time to book. Give us a call to find a date that will work for you. 727-846-0077.

Here is a sample of the itinerary.