Traveling to Frankfurt with Lufthansa

Traveling to Frankfurt with Lufthansa

When we were asked by Lufthansa to film the one year anniversary on nonstop flights from our hometown of Tampa, FL to Frankfurt, Germany, we were excited, but also maybe a little nervous. We had never even been to Frankfurt, much less Germany. What would it be like ? We don’t speak a word of German. Would that matter ?

After talking to a friend and frequent Frankfurt traveler we were even more excited. A city that had risen from the ashes of WWII to become a modern metropolis and the banking center of Europe.
But…. we like history, old architecture, ancient culture. Not to worry. It was all that and more.

img_2964First things first. We have traveled to Europe to film in Spain, France and Italy, but never flown to Europe nonstop from Tampa. That was so enticing to us, it’s almost hard to put into words. No offense to cities like Miami or Philly, or Charlotte, but we really hate connecting in the U.S. as the first part of our trip. So stepping on the plane at TIA, and getting off the plane at our final destination in Frankfurt was a pretty big deal for us. Business Class was just the very thick icing on a very tall cake!

A relaxing flight with free flowing champagne, a huge TV monitor, and a menu to order dinner. And of course the lay flat seats with more adjustments than we would ever need. Truly one of the best flights we have ever taken, and the crew was absolutely amazing.

aatv_lhpartone-00_01_26_00-still001After arriving in Frankfurt, we had to check out the famous visitors terrace at the Frankfurt airport with great views of the runways. It was a cool place to see planes talking off and landing.

Off to the city…

Whenever you visit a new city, it’s always best to get to know it a little bit. If you are traveling to Europe from the U.S. odds are you will be on a red eye flight. Instinct may tell you to go to the hotel and catch up on some sleep. Don’t do that.

ap3_5596As soon as we got checked in, it was time to me our guide Dave for a 2 hour walking tour of the city. We had subway passes, which they call the ubahn, which made getting around very quick and easy.

One of the best reasons to do a tour like this is to find places that you want to spend more time at, later in your trip. The Opera House and Romerberg were 2 places we knew we would see again this week.

aatv_lhpartone-00_09_25_16-still002The tour ended at a typical German beer garden called Lorsbacher Thal, in Sachsenhausen, another place we came back to, where we enjoyed our first authentic German meal.

Be sure to subscribe to our site as we continue our trip in Frankfurt. We will share more about the history of this site and a few of our favorite “must see” sports in the city. You can also view our episode featuring Lufthansa and Frankfurt (airing October 23 on CW44 in Tampa Bay area and on our YouTube channel).


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